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International School Library Month – ISLM 2012

on October 2, 2012

Hai Bibli8-ers, along this October 2012 (starting from 16-31) we will celebrate the month of library or we called it ISLM 2012, it is stand for International School Library Month, yep as written in title.

soo, in case of this celebration, we have some cool event that you’ll regret if you miss this.

here are several events:
1. D.E.A.R Challenge
2. Bookmarks exchange project
3. Dressed-a-like
4. Book bazar
5. Putar Film
6. Skype project (tentative)
7. Reading 3D
8. Workshop Session (Hangeul Lesson)
9. Workshop Session (Guitar Clinic)
10.Workshop Session ( Effective Learning – talkshow)
11.Book Treasure Hunt

how do you feel by read our event title, has already excited right??
soon we will explain more detail per event…

keep on this channel folks!!


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